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blumlein records was founded in 2004 to establish a space for small editions of realistic sounding recordings.
All releases of the edition make musically outstanding and sonically uncompromised events available to a larger audience.

Alan Dower Blumlein (1903-1942) is one of the pioneers of stereophonic recording and the inventor of (among other things) the Blumlein-configuration: Two bidirectional microphones, placed one upon the other and facing +-45° sideways result in an exceptionally detailed stereo image.
A figure-of-8 microphone transduces (records) maximally at it's front and back, and virtually nothing towards it's sides. Imagine a clover leaf ...

Why do I offer downloadable music?
The purpose for this is, in accordance with the GEMA's regulations for the use of music in websites with electronic commerce and pertaining both to GEMA-free as well as GEMA-relevant material (that is, compositions for which the GEMA is in trust of the rights assigned to it for exploitation by its members and third parties through unilateral or bilateral agreements), to transmit works to the end user free of charge. Of course I'm happy if you enjoy it so much that you decide to purchase a CD ;-)


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