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The live recording of the amazing Quatuor Brac is released first online, then as a physical CD at the end of the year.

In cooperation with Nigel Keay the CD Diversions is released.


March marks the release of blumlein records' first LP: La Vase / Slikke

blumlein records enlists as an active member of the Pleasurize Music Foundation.

After three years of exlusivity, release #9--12baritones on a winters journey--is now available online and as a CD!


Christmas saw the release of the charity-CD Celebrities read christmas tales for Africa in cooperation with the Round Table 130 Nordheide.

On October 10 blumlein records releases it's 1st DVD-Video as a carrier for a thrilling selection of 3 hours of music from the International Jewish Music Festival 2008 in Amsterdam.

Finally available: Paul Lowe & Friends - Live at the Museum.

The opening concert of the blurred edges 2007 brought Peter Ablinger & Sven-Åke Johansson together for an evening of high-end Avantgarde!

The first major concert of the ensemble wavegarden took place in Berlin in May. The live-recording is now available as a download.


December sees a joint venture of blumlein records with the Musik- und Kongresshalle Lübeck in the form of the CD-release of Lascia Ch'io Pianga.

Selected titles from the repertoire of blumlein records are now available at various stores. Have a look at the

The CD Orgelmusik für Kinder (Organ music for children) saw it's second edition!

blumlein records' 1st single, Breath, Strings & Proximity featuring Christine & Sharif Sehnaoui is due at the end of July. The half-hour session was recorded live on April 26, 2008 in the course of the 3d instance of "blurred edges", Hamburg's contemporary music festival.

In July blumlein records is accepted as a member of the Association of independent media producers (VUT - Verband Unabhängiger Tonträgerhersteller).

A little while in the making, but released this summer: Newena Popow's sensationally introspective interpretation of both books of the Debussy Preludes. Stay tuned!

May in Amsterdam! blumlein records is official media partner of the International Jewish Music Festival. Three days of music with 24 ensembles from 15 countries as well as the Klezmatics.

blumlein records is official media partner of the festival blurred edges 2008, organized by the contemporary music association of Hamburg (VAMH).

Are you online? Just kidding ;-) You can find all titles available through iTunes at TuneCore.


In time for christmas there are two new albums released both on CD and electronically (iTunes, Amazon and others). The baritone Thomas Franke sings, accompanied by Newena Popow on the Piano: Der Dichter spricht... (Thus quoth the poet...) and Winterreise (A winters journey).

blumlein records is media partner of the upcoming festival Baritonale 2008 in Hamburg.

wavegarden's debut album is the first release to be issued in the exclusive blum-wrap. In parallel there has been a re-issue of the CD Healing Vibration, also packaged in the plastic-free blum-wrap.

blumlein records records music at Hamburg's Africa-festival Alafia (2007) for the third year running.

The CD 12baritone auf Winterreise (12baritones on a winters' journey) is complete since the middle of July. Bid for a copy of the exclusive numbered edition, limited to 100 CD's, from the website of the 12baritone(s). Please follow the link under "Ersteigern Sie die CD online".

blumlein records records the opening concert of the "blurred edges" festival, organized by the Association for Current Music Hamburg, with Peter Ablinger and Sven Åke Johansson.

blumlein records' first release, Healing Vibration, is now directly available at the iTunes-shop! Download select titles or the entire album!

The CD The Trumpeter of St. Michaelis is released December 30th 2006. Happy new year!


blumlein records is media partner of the project 12baritone.

blumlein records takes responsibility for the recording (and audiovisual distribution) of the reading of Klaus Mann's complete Mephisto as part of the Initiative Literatur.

At the beginning of October both of Debussy's books of Preludes have been recorded with the exceptional pianist Newena Popow. The first book is edited by December.

In August Manuel Gera and blumlein records commence producing a CD featuring chorales by the renown tower-trumpetplayer and a cycle of improvisations on the grand organ of the church St. Michaelis: Der Türmer vom Michel. The CD will be finalized in November.

To be released soon: "Paul Lowe & Friends - Live at the Museum".

The beginning of May saw the release of the puristically recorded CD Michael Grube - Live in Berlin. It (almost exclusively) features literature for Violin solo in the resonant space of Berlin's Annenkirche.

blumlein records is mediapartner of Hamburg's Africa-festival Alafia 2006, taking place from August 18th to 20th.

The release of the first sampler of the Jazzmeile St. Georg, celebrating the third season of this multifaceted event in Hamburg's Kulturladen, is scheduled for April 8th. Read more ...


October 13th 2005 - blumlein records mobile recording is announced as mediapartner of the 6th festival eigenarten in Hamburg.

The second godfather child
Eintagsfliege Through a sound recording session featuring Paul Lowe blumlein records becomes godfather to a javanese flying frog at Berlin's Museum of Natural History in August.

Podcasting & blogging

On August 4th blumlein records releases an experimental Podcast. But while that didn't really evolve into much the blogsure did...

The first godfather child
Mayfly In May blumlein records becomes godfather to a mayfly from the Cretaceous period (144 to 65 million years ago) at Berlin's Museum of Natural History.

I am pleased to announce the first six issues of 2005: the audio-CD Orgelmusik für Kinder (Organ music for children) - "Stories of the Organworm Willibald", a collaboration with the prestigious church St. Michaelis in Hamburg, has been released in the second week of May. In parallel the series TINY.blumlein was initiated with four CDs of the Hamburger Liedergalerie. The end of June marks the availability of the CD Wie lieblich ... (How pleasant ...) from the Sophienkirche in Berlin.

2004 - The first year

blumlein records has released three audio-CDs in 2004: Healing Vibration features the sound of crystal bowls.
Gregorian chant and saxophone-improvisations are to be heard on Illuc ascenderunt,
and Querschnitt (Cross-section) presents the work of a small and excellent a-capella-ensemble.